3S 4S 5A Active Balancer Capacitance with V1-8 copper nose Wire connector


Whole Group Balancer 3S 4S 5A Active Balancer Lifepo4 Lithium Lipo Battery Energy active equalization module Fit Capacitor



Measured fault battery pack combination 4 string 25Ah equalization curve

As the battery battery cycle times increase, the battery capacity decay speed is inconsistent, causing the battery voltage to be seriously out of balance. The battery barrel effect will cause the battery to charge. The BMS system detects that the battery has entered the overcharge protection in advance. In fact, only one of the batteries is full, or let The BMS system detects that the battery enters the over-discharge protection state, which is actually caused by over-discharge of one of the lower-voltage batteries. After the device acts, each battery voltage reduces the capacity attenuation caused by the battery barrel effect and prolongs the problem. The battery pack has a service life.


RV1-8 copper nose


Standard Cable


RV1-8 copper nose Wire :60CM

Standard : 40CM with no Cooer Nose


Working voltage: 2.7V-4.5V

Suitable for ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate.

Working principle, the capacitor fit transfers the charge mover, the equalization board is connected to the battery, and the equalization is started. The original new ultra-low internal resistance MOS, 2OZ copper thickness PCB

Equilibrium current 0-5.5A, the more balanced the battery, the smaller the current, with manual sleep switch, sleep current mode is less than 0.1mA, the balance voltage accuracy is within 5mv!

The quiescent current is about 12 mA. It is recommended that the battery capacity is 60-300AH.

With under-voltage sleep protection, the voltage will stop automatically when the voltage is lower than 3.0V, and the standby power consumption is less than 0.1mA.







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