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ChengDu Sunmall Electronic Technology Limited Company is a high-tech enterprise focusing on battery management integrated circuits and power management, dedicated to R&D, production and sales. At the early stage, the company focused on the domestic market and insisted on taking customer demand as the orientation, designing and producing various product specifications. Through a number of technological reforms and technological innovations, our company’s products have a strong competitive advantage in the market in terms of safety, performance and service life. In the early stage, a large number of protective boards were exported through The national Energy Foreign trade Department, which won the unanimous praise from domestic and overseas customers. Since 2020, in order to better serve overseas customers, HELTEC-BMS brand was established to sell direct to the global market

Our company has been deeply engaged in battery management system for many years, and has accumulated profound accumulation in battery protection board design, material selection and manufacturing process. Continuously develop new battery protection solutions, with a strong sense of quality and strict quality control, to ensure customer product quality and delivery time. Over the years, the company has established long-term strategic partnerships with many customers based on the principles of sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, and customer first.

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1. The technical route is mainly in two aspects

1)As for the overall technical solution, we adopt Zhongying’s hardware integration solution, which has advantages: very stable, very low defect rate, few after-sales, and high and low temperature charging and discharging protection.

In addition, Taiwan Hongkang cascade scheme is adopted

2)materials, resistance and capacitance, we mainly use South Korea’s Samsung, Japan’s Housheng, the control part of the transistor is mainly used by Taiwan Changdian, the overcurrent MOS tube is mainly used by Germany Infineon.
Strict quality inspection

There are two main steps in quality inspection

1)Appearance inspection

2)Function test

Professional protection board tester

The main test functions are as follows:

1. quiescent current
2. conduction internal resistance
3. charge and discharge delay
4. charge protection voltage and charge recovery voltage
5. discharge protection voltage and discharge recovery voltage 6.equalization opening voltage, equalization current and other functions

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Factory Showroom” tab_id=”1611216117830-9ddd3d74-9372″][vc_column_text]We have three production lines, one old line adopts Japan’s JUKI semi-automatic production line, and two Yamaha automatic SMT production lines. Daily production capacity of 15-20 million points



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