New Heltec 4S 6S 8S 10A Active Blancer/Battery Equalizer Li-ion/lifepo4/LTO Transformer Push-pull Rectifier Feedback Balancer


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This active equalizer is a transformer push-pull rectification feedback type, real-time, dynamic, synchronous, and energy transfer type.

The equalizing current is not a fixed size, the range is 0-10A.

The size of the pressure difference determines the size of the equalizing current.

Final equalization accuracy, within 5MV (approximately).

There is no pressure difference starting requirement, no external power supply is required, and the balance will start after the line is connected.

All cells are balanced synchronously, regardless of whether the cells with differential pressure are adjacent.

The wiring method is backward compatible.

There are temperature protection, undervoltage protection, automatic sleep function options.

Applicable cells:

lithium iron phosphate (3.2V), ternary lithium (3.7V), lithium titanate. When using lithium titanate batteries, please note when purchasing.


1. This equalizer is for long-term use of a battery pack. Do not remove it after it is installed. As a part of a battery pack, it cannot be used as a debugging and maintenance tool. It is used as a maintenance and debugging balance battery voltage, without warranty!

2. If the capacity difference between each string of a battery pack is very large (the capacity difference exceeds 10%), it is not recommended to use this active equalizer

The relationship between the equalizer and the BMS

This equalizer exists in parallel with the protection board, and it has nothing to do with the type of protection board used. The two are wired independently, work independently, and do not affect each other.
Regardless of whether the original protection board has active equalization or passive equalization, and whether the protection board used is a software version with Bluetooth or an ordinary hardware board, it does not affect the use of this equalizer.

Balance current:

The equalizing current has no fixed size, and the voltage difference of each string of batteries determines the equalizing current.

As the equalization progresses, the voltage difference also changes, and so does the equalization current.

Theoretically, the maximum equilibrium current follows the following rules:

4S 8S equalizer: every 0.1V dropout, the maximum equalizing current is 1.5A

17S – 24 S equalizer: per 0.1V voltage difference, the maximum equalizing current is 1.2A.

For example

4S Equalizer, if the maximum voltage difference of the battery is 0.3V, the maximum balance current that can be measured is about 4.5A.

In actual measurement, this current may not necessarily be measured so accurately.

Because all batteries are balancing, that is to say, there may be current on each line, and the direction of each current may be different.

This will partially cancel the current.

The equalizing current on each equalizing line can be measured by a DC clamp meter.

We have a nominal 0-10A equalizing current. As long as the voltage difference is reached, this equalizing current can be measured.

When the voltage difference is 1V, more than 10A of balanced current will be generated, not more than 10A.

Sleep switch:

The switches are all set to two positions.

On: Refers to turn on the automatic sleep function.

When the battery is well balanced, it will automatically hibernate.
When charging or discharging, when the voltage changes, the equalization will be automatically turned on.

Off: Turn off the auto sleep function.

The equalizer is always in the state of opening equalization and will never sleep.

Of course, if it is under voltage, it will sleep.


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