2-24S/32S Battery Repairer 15A 20A 25A Automatic Equalizer



This equalizer direct displays the sum and voltage difference between each string. The equalizer starts the compensation with a button, stops automatically after the compensation is complete, and then warns. It displays the voltage of each string, total voltage, highest string voltage, lowest string voltage, maximum voltage difference from battery pack, average voltage, balanced voltage, and number of battery strings. Fast and simultaneously balancing.


Balance setting

  • Manual equalization
    Manually set the voltage, operate, and when the device is in normal condition, click “Manual Balance” to modify the “Voltage Value” (the set value must be within the effective range of the current type of battery) and click OK to realize the discharge > this set value Balanced to achieve the same voltage value of all serial bits with the set value.
  • Automatic Equalization
    Automatic equalization is suitable for low-speed vehicles and small-capacity battery packs. The equalization power is 5%-30%. When the device is in normal condition, click “automatic equalization” to automatically identify the highest voltage and the lowest voltage. Put it down and keep consistent with the low voltage.
  • Charge equalization
    Charge equalization, operation, charge equalization generally means that the voltage of the single cells in the battery pack is carried out when the battery is half-charged, and the setting parameters of charge equalization are as follows:

Balance parameters of lithium iron phosphate battery:

  • Monomer overvoltage protection: 3.650V
  • Monomer overvoltage recovery: 3.650V
  • Forced equalization voltage: 3.650V
  • The equalization start voltage is set to the lowest value of the string voltage = V, the voltage difference of the equalization monomer: 0.005V
  • Proportion of the equalization current: 5%~100%

Balance parameters of ternary lithium battery:

  • Monomer overvoltage protection: 4.250V
  • Monomer overvoltage recovery: 4.200V
  • Forced equalization voltage: 4.250V
  • Equalization start voltage: 4.000V
  • Equalization monomer voltage difference: 0.005V
  • Equalization current ratio: 5%~100%
    When charging equalization, the “battery negative pole” on the front panel of the machine must be connected to the battery pack’s general negative pole, the charger negative pole is connected to the machine’s front panel “charging negative pole”, and the charger’s positive pole is connected to the battery positive pole. Before entering the balanced state, the charging current must not exceed 25A, the charging current does not exceed 5A when it reaches a balanced start (lithium iron phosphate 3.450V/ternary lithium 4.00V), and the effect of small current balance will be better.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 17 cm

2-24S, 2-32S


15A, 20A, 25A


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