1S-24S Lithium Battery Voltage Measuring Instrument


1S-24S Lithium Battery Pack Single Cell Measurement Series String Voltage Measuring Instrument Identify Tester Li-ion Lifepo4




1)2.0MM and 2.5MM spacing interface can’t be connected at the same time

2)Range between series:0.3V~9V/0.5V~25V to choose

3)if you need cable expansion board, need to buy separately



1. Support negative – voltage display

2. Single series range 0.1V-6V

3. Measurement accuracy 0.05%±3MV

4. Support for mixed insertion (without starting with B-)

5. Automatically identify the number of battery series

6. Display the highest voltage, the lowest voltage, and the maximum differential voltage between series

7. TypeC port power supply

8. Color LCD display with 1S to 24S battery pack measurement

Direction for use

Connect the TypeC power port to the power supply, and then select the detection port according to its own interface, and then you can check whether the voltage difference is normal.

Additional information

Single Volatge Range

0.3V-9V Tester, 0.5V-25V Tester, Expansion Board


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