3/4S BMS 200A 3.7V LiPo same port/split port


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3/4S 200A 3.7V same port


3/4S-200A (common for ternary lithium battery 3/4 string) new

Charging protection voltage: 4.25V

Charge release voltage: 4.19V

Balanced opening voltage 4.17V

Discharge protection voltage: 2.8V

Discharge release voltage: 3.0V

Balance current: 105 mA

Continuous discharge current: 200A

Continuous charging current: 100A

Current limit protection: 750A

Short circuit protection: load short circuit protection

Specification size: 115×66×14 mm

Suitable for motors within 2000W, often used in trawlers, marine propellers, and low-power energy storage within 2000W.

Starting from January 2020, the new specification officially produced replaces the old 200A and belongs to the small specification 200A. There is a copper plate in the cross-line part.


3/4S 200A 3.7V split port



3S4S-200A (ternary) 3 strings and 4 strings can be used universally

Charging type: split port

Charging protection voltage: 4.25V

Discharge protection voltage: 2.8V

Charge release voltage: 4.19V

Discharge release voltage: 3.0V

Balance voltage 4.18V

Balance current: 90MA

Charging current: 45A

Long-term continuous overcurrent value: 200A

Instantaneous current limit value: 750A

Short circuit protection: load short circuit

Dimensions: 150×80×14MM

Weight: 245g

Applicable: For solar battery group within 12V/500W, the maximum load power is applicable to 2000W

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