13-17S 60A Smart BMS with 0.6A Active Equalizer balancer


Active Equalizer balancer vs bms Bluetooth Smart BMS 13S 14S 15S 16S 17S 60A 120A RS485 APP Lifepo4 li-ion 48V 52V 60V





String(Li-ion) :13-17S

Outlet method:Same Port

Cell voltage:1-5V

Voltage acquisition accuracy:±5mV

Continuous discharge current:60A

Discharge current(MAX):120A

Equilibrium method:Active Balance

Equilibrium current:0.6A

Main circuit conduction internal resistance:1.3mΩ

Overcharge protection voltage:2.5-4.25V adjustable

Overcharge release voltage:2.5-4.25V adjustable

Charging overcurrent protection (adjustable):10-60A

Charging overcurrent release time:2-120S adjustable

Over discharge protection voltage:2.5-4.25V adjustable

Over discharge recovery voltage:2.5-4.25V adjustable

Discharge overcurrent protection (adjustable):10-60A

Discharge overcurrent release time 2-120S adjustable

Number of temperature tests:3

Short circuit protection:Yes

Coulomb counter :Yes

Bluetooth function:Support IOS/Android

RS485:Custom made


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