8S BMS 80A 3.2V lifepo4 Same Port


24V 8S 80A lifepo4 bms 24V/1500W motor/scooters/wheelchairs/propellers, lawn mowers/low-power energy storage bmsower ener
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8S 80A 3.2V Same Port

Charging type: same port

Charging protection voltage: 3.75V

Discharge protection voltage: 2.2V

Charge release voltage: 3.55V

Discharge release voltage: 2.7V

Balanced voltage 3.5V

Balance current: 83MA

Charging current: 40A

Long-term continuous overcurrent value: 80A

Instantaneous current limit value: 410A/100ms

Short circuit protection: load short circuit

Charging low/high temperature protection: -7℃/55℃

Discharge high temperature protection: 75℃

Dimensions: 115×66×8MM

Weight: 89g

Imported high-power ultra-low internal resistance MOS tube/0.7 milliohm

Application: 24V/1500W motor products, such as scooters, wheelchairs, propellers, lawn mowers, etc. and low-power energy storage

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