8S 13-24S 0.6A 1A 2A 60A 100A 150A 200A Active balance Smart BMS


13-24S 0.6A 1A 2A Active balance 100A 150A 200A Smart BMS Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LTO support CAN/RS485 mobile app via bluetooth for E-bike



Number of battery strings:(ternary lithium) 13s-17s 13s-20s 13s-24s
Number of battery strings:(iron lithium) 15s-17s 15s-20s 15s~24s
Number of battery strings:(lithium titanate) 17s 17s-20s 17s~24s
balance mode:  Active balance
Equalizing current  0.6 A 1 A 2 A
Main circuit conduction internal resistance 1.3 mΩ  0.8mΩ  0.5mΩ  0.3mΩ
Continuous discharge current 60A 100A  150A 200A
Maximum discharge current 100A  200A  300A  350A
Charging overcurrent protection (adjustable) 10~60 A 10~100 A 10~150 A 10~200 A
Other interfaces (customized): RS485 or CAN
Entry cable Same port
Single voltage range 1~5 V
Voltage acquisition accuracy ±5 mV
Overcharge protection voltage 1.2~4.35 V adjustable
Overcharge release voltage 1.2~4.35 V adjustable
Discharge time of charging overcurrent 2~120S adjustable
Over discharge protection voltage 1.2~4.35 V adjustable
Over discharge recovery voltage 1.2~4.35 V adjustable
Number of temperature detection 3
Temperature protection yes
Short circuit protection yes
Coulomb meter yes
Bluetooth function : Support Android and IOS


● Bluetooth communication

Support Bluetooth communication function, mobile APP supports  Android / l0S, check battery status in real time through APP, adjust protection board working parameters, and control charge and discharge

● GPS positioning + cloud data

Support GPS positioning, real-time viewing of battery location, track playback, etc., support for cloud remote data viewing, remote cut off battery discharge and other functions

● High-precision coulomb meter 

Accurately calculate remaining battery charge and charge based on current-time integration

● Support CAN / RS485 interface (optional)

Support CAN / RS485 interface, user protocol can be embedded, flexible expansion

● Independent watchdog design 

Independent watchdog design, real-time monitoring program running status, never crash


RS485 & CAN

RS485 & CAN should be purchased separated, you can only choose RS485 or CAN, if you need , contact us to buy it separately. if you don’t buy separately , we will only ship the BMS



24S Battery Wiring Diagram

Size 1

24S 0.6A 60A

20S 0.6A 100A

24S 0.6A 100A

24S 1A 150A

24S 2A 150A

24A 2A 200A

Size 2

8S 2A 200A

17S 0.6A 60A

20S 0.6A 60A


APP download



Additional information


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Balance Current (MAX)

17S 0.6A, 20S 0.6A, 24S 0.6A, 24S 1A, 24S 2A, 8S 2A, 17S 0.4A, 20S 0.4A, 20S 1A, 20S 2A, 24S 0.4A

Battery Type

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